Our Team

Dr. Anton V. Mathey oversees the execution of the treatment programmes and personally administers the medical treatments, whilst the beauty side of it is taken care of by aesthetics therapist, Solene Wolhüter and Aileen Buitendag.

All our treatments are supported by the latest, most advanced technology and best of breed products and supplements that have proven to achieve the greatest possible results with little or no side-effects.

Dr Anton V. Mathey also runs the well-known weight-loss programme Slender Wonder and together with AesthetiCo’s right-hand, Leticha van Schalkwyk, our clients feels right at home with tough questions and mixed feelings about changing their lifestyle for good.

At AesthetiCo, you can always be assured of the best, most professional and effective services and also know that the moment you walk through our door, you become part of AesthetiCo’s family.

Our Team

AesthetiCo fuses the art and science of beauty for face, body and wellness treatments to help you live beautifully and create the best possible you, inside out.

Taking your age, your personal budget and unique body issues into consideration, Dr Anton V. Mathey, who is also the owner at The Aesthetic Clinic in Waterkloof and Secunda and part-owner at AesthetiCo in Polokwane, typically prescribes a comprehensive treatment programme that addresses your issues holistically. It also aims to help you accomplish both your short and long-term body goals as economically as possible.






We also work in collaboration with The Aesthetic Clinic